Invest in yourself. Take a trading course - Questrade pays your tuition.

Classes to teach all aspects of stock trading.

The OTA class focus is to build foundational knowledge, then move into sophisticated trading concepts, strategies and tactics, while maintaining an emphasis on risk management and personal discipline.

Professional Trader part 1
  • The three-day intro teaches and enhances the knowledge and skills of active traders and investors.
  • Learn to trade with a plan making use of the same tools used by the professionals.
Professional Trader part 2
  • The final four days cover advanced trading theories and techniques.
  • Students will execute orders live to enhance class learning.
Additional course benefits
  • Once you graduate from our courses you can retake them over and over for FREE.
  • Tuition rebates are available from Questrade.

Day 1

  • Basic trading:
    • Definitions,
    • Reading market data,
    • Market terminology,
    • Successful trader skills,
    • Using level II,
    • ECNs.
  • Economic/market conditions & indicators.
  • Industry analysis.
Day 2

  • Basic technical analysis:
    • Support and resistance,
    • Understanding trends,
    • Reversal patterns,
    • How to use volume.
  • Trading styles:
    • Finding stocks to trade,
    • Stock picking criteria.
  • Risk management with level II.
Day 3
  • Preparing for live trading:
    • Trading executions,
    • Order types,
    • Short selling.
  • Live trading.
  • Trading plan:
    • Developing a plan,
    • Preparing for the trading day,
    • Plan the trade, trade the plan.
  • 10 laws of risk management.
  • Graduation.

After graduation, you can refer to all class material and notes:
  • Each student gets a binder with all class slides printed in colour, with room to write notes.
  • Class handouts and additional material provided by the instructor are also included.
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